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Skilled UI/UX designers that work exclusively for you. Hire dedicated UI/UX designers from SeekThem for sharp skills at a fair price.


Just the fruit, no peeling. Only the skill, no admin.

SeekThem is where you find them—expert UI/UX designers who get things done. Pay for only what you need. Choose SeekThem.

We understand why you need dedicated UI/UX designers for hire. You want just the skills, at your disposal, without the admin. A model that works for you, at a fair price, and with guaranteed terrific results—that’s SeekThem.


Our Services

Hire Dedicated Graphics Designers From SeekThem For

Website Design

User Interface (UI)

Mobile Application Design

Graphic Design

User Experience (UX)

User Research

Interactive Prototypes


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We would appreciate hearing about your design needs, and we will respond as soon as we can.


Why Us?

Why hire a dedicated UI UX designer?

Why pay for what the market demands when you can pay for what you need? Not a penny more. Hire user experience designers from SeekThem.


Dedicated, in every way

Your dedicated graphics designer from SeekThem works exclusively for you while staying off your payrolls.


Expert and affordable

The more you need, the lesser you pay per hour. And, did you know, only the top 5% UI/UX designers make it to SeekThem?


Stay Aware

Fluent, proactive, comprehensive communication—guaranteed, when you hire UI/UX designers from SeekThem.


Reasons You Need To Know

Why Hire SeekThem’s Dedicated Graphics Designers?

Post an online job, and you’ll soon be suffocated by applications. With so many UI/UX designers for hire, why choose SeekThem?


We get things right, the first time

UI/UX is tricky. Hire pro, expert, experienced UI/UX designers from SeekThem; they get things right the first time.


Decades of experience, dozens of projects

We’ll shortlist UI/UX designers based on how complex your project is. Need a master and a prodigy? We’ll do it.


Privacy, guaranteed

We value your privacy. When you hire freelance UX designers, you expose critical information. Instead, choose SeekThem. We guarantee privacy.


Need More Reasons?

Need more reasons to hire UX designers from SeekThem?

  • Unlimited design concepts, unlimited revisions, and 100% original work; always.
  • Every SeekThem UI/UX designer is a graduate of one of India’s top 10 design universities.
  • Of every 100 designers who apply, 6 make it to our team. So, you get the best.
  • Design is difficult, but for novices. Our designers are pros of UI/UX design, so expect quick results.
  • It’s like being in charge of a team, but having to remember only one name.



I want only one UI/UX designer for hire. Can SeekThem do this for me?

Yes, we can.

I want a team of UI and UX designers but don’t know for how long. What are my options?

That’s okay; all projects are different. We’ll work under a model that best suits your project—fixed-price, time and material, build-your-own-team, or a hybrid model.

How will I know the amount I’ll pay to hire UI designers from SeekThem?

Depends on your needs. Tell us what you know, and we’ll return with a quote that’ll be 80% accurate, even if the project isn’t clearly definable at this stage.

What if I’m not happy with the UX designers I hire from SeekThem?

That’s unlikely to happen; all our designers have at least 3 years of work experience and coveted degrees from respected design universities. Still, expect us to solve your problem and ensure you’re delighted with our results.

Do you handle rush projects?

Yes, we do. Give us a call, tell us what you need, and we’ll build a team ready to begin within 24-48 hours.

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