Five projects you should outsource to a creative agency as a growing business


Do what you do best. Outsource the rest. – Peter Drucker

When the father of management gives you advice, it pays to follow suit. 

Outsourcing has several advantages for every type of business. Especially so for small businesses that are in the growth stage. With outsourcing, you get

  • Lower costs and economies of scale
  • Increased efficiency
  • Access to better skills
  • Flexibility to meet the changing needs of your business
  • Accelerated time to market
  • Increased focus on core competencies 

Everything other than your core competence can be outsourced. 

Accounting, finance, marketing, creative, legal, technical…

The list is endless. 

However, to begin with, you should start outsourcing creative services. 


A UNESCO International Center for Engineering Education (ICEE) member had previously confirmed that only 1% of the global population is creative and innovative. 

So if you aren’t a part of that creative lot, it is best to let the experts do it for you. 

The best part? Your customers don’t even have to know that. By engaging a white label design agency you can make sure that your customers never know who’s doing the actual work. 

Now, here are 5 projects that you should be outsourcing today to fuel the growth of your business.


1. Branding

Investment in branding can turn into your biggest asset in the future. How your customers view your offerings and how they perceive your brands as a whole depends on it.

And you need to build your brand while your business is still young and growing. That’s because rebranding is going to take a lot more effort and money investment. Also, branding is more than just creating a funky logo and using cool colors. It also includes building a positive brand image and the required perception and positioning.

By outsourcing branding to a creative logo design agency, you can leverage their market experience. And you can focus on honing your core skills. All while a brand identity design agency builds your image in front of online and offline audiences.

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2. Copywriting

In the digital world content is the king. It is with content that you can rank higher in SERPs. And it is with content only that you can build and grow an audience that will eventually turn into customers.

But the Internet is also filled with a lot of crappy content. Spun content, rehashed data, false claims, and sloppy writing. And that bores, irritates, and drives away people.

Unless you are a wordsmith yourself, don’t hold the pen in your own hand. Let someone else type away. What’s even better? When you outsource copywriting services, you can also hire subject matter experts.

For example, you might be knowing everything about your sunglasses business. But a lifestyle writer would definitely be able to write more convincing blogs for sales.

Outsourcing business copywriting has a few more advantages like

  • You get SEO-friendly content. Most professional content writers are also experts in basic SEO writing and can write keyword-rich copies. Ranking on search engines and convincing audiences – that’s like hitting two birds with one stone. 
  • You can get a large volume of content for use on various channels. As an entrepreneur or key management personnel, you hardly have time at hand to write a few hundred words each day. With outsourced content writing services, you can get as much volume of content as you need. Multiple content creators would be dishing out high-quality content for your website landing pages, blogs, portfolio sections, PRs, email campaigns, social media outlets, eBooks, newsletters, and more.


3. Website design (and development)

Would you fix your broken bones yourself because there are guides available for that on the Internet? No, right? So then why build a business website on your own with just some ‘guide’ guiding you from the other side of the screen?

Sure website builders and community forums have made things simpler than they were a decade ago. But website development companies should be your ideal pick for website designs. Outsourcing website design will help you:

  • Save time that you would have spent learning web design basics.
  • Save costs that would have occurred in hiring freelancers or in-house web designers. 
  • Achieve synergy between your website’s design and your overall brand identity.
  • Create a delightful, smooth, responsive, and engaging user interface on your website which will lead to a wonderful user experience
  • Expert UI/UX design will ensure a faster time-to-market.

Plus, website design companies can also create custom themes for your website.  This will help you stand out from the crowd of over 1.18 billion websites online. 

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4. Social media marketing

There are 4.55 billion active social media users in 2022. That’s the scale of the market that you can tap into with expert social media marketing services.

Now a lot of entrepreneurs and C-level managers believe that running a company’s social media handles is no different from managing their personal accounts. If you can do the latter, you can do the former. 

That, however, is not true. 


To build a strong social and digital presence you need to be present on multiple platforms. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, and Twitter are the most popular ones where you need to have your active company page. 

Now imagine you create at least one post every day. Can you use the same post on every platform? No. All social media platforms have different sets of audiences. 

Plus, people have different expectations about the content they’d like to consume on different channels. So the same post on every platform won’t work. 

So you need different profiles, different posts, different engagement strategies, and of course separate time for all these social media platforms. If you were to do it all by yourself, you’d be juggling between the apps while your business goes down the drain. 

Dedicated social media specialists won’t let that happen. Moreover, you will get access to different types of social media content formats. From YouTube shorts to reels, TikTok videos, infographics, GIFs, and more, you can get your content across in whichever format that works best. 

Furthermore, social media platforms also have paid campaign options. These campaigns, though effective, need a certain degree of expertise to run. And outsourcing social media marketing can bring those skills to the table. Without the time, effort, or money that would go into gathering the skills yourself or hiring in-house experts. 

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5. Anything else that you don’t like

Outsourcing is primarily about convenience. If you don’t like any specific creative activity, it is best to outsource it. Other than the 4 core projects mentioned above, you can also outsource:

  • Digital marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Packaging design
  • Product design 
  • Photography/videography

Outsource now and succeed today

Creativity is not something that can be forced. Also, why waste time doing something that someone can do better, for cheaper? And whether you need these creative services for your clients or your own business, all you need is SeekThem. Start outsourcing now and succeed today.

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