Top 10 Brand Identity Design Agencies

Top 10 Branding Agencies for Exceptional Results

Forbes wrote about the power of branding in 2021. And then again about the importance of branding in 2022. 

forbes post

Do you think they stopped at that and didn’t write about branding in 2023? Wait till you see this…

They called brand consistency one of the biggest business assets. And also talked about personal branding for the lone wolves.

Plus, you’ll find 100s of stats from various studies and surveys that prove why branding is important. [If not, check out some cool stats here]

So hiring a brand design company in 2023 makes perfect sense.

Really? Can’t I get my business branding done in-house?

Of course, you can! 

Are you looking to execute a branding campaign that will cost money and even your peace of mind? If yes, then by all means, go ahead and handle it in-house. 

Want a seamless experience? Get branding agency services. 

With brand identity design agency, you get experts with a deep understanding of consumer behavior and market trends. And that definitely helps the cause of your business branding. 

P.S.: Before the thought of hiring freelancers or freshers comes to your mind, wait. Know that you cannot just throw together random colors, fonts, and messages to call it branding. 

It needs expertise

Worried about the struggle of having to find the right branding agency? 

Don’t be. We took care of that for you. 

We have not 1 but 10 brand identity design company options for you to choose from.

Here are 3 reasons you can trust our list of the top 10:

  • We have been in the branding industry for quite some time now. We know the business inside out. That makes us well-qualified to judge and rank the options for you. 
  • We have delivered branding services to several businesses (like yours!) before. So we know what it is that you are looking for. 
  • We are committed to fairness and objectivity. It guarantees a comprehensive and unbiased ranking. All aimed at providing you with reliable choices.

Bonus: We have also mentioned 5 niche branding agencies. These agencies deliver exceptional results in specific industry verticals.

Here’s a quick overview of the top 10 brand identity design agencies that you can choose from:

Name Headquarters
SeekThem London, UK
Lexicon Branding California, USA
Religiate Hyderabad, India
Meta Design Zurich, Switzerland
Shikatani Lacroix Design Toronto, Canada
Niche-Based Branding Agencies
Coinbound New York, USA
The Food Group New York, USA
The O Group New York, USA
The Working Assembly New York, USA
Teal Media Washington, USA

Read on to explore each branding company in detail.

Top Brand Identity Design Agencies That Offer Exceptional Results


1. SeekThem


Headquarters: London, UK


Top features:

  • Comprehensive branding and design agency with cross-industry experience.
  • Services include brand naming, identity design, and website design. They also work as a brand strategy agency.
  • Realistic and science-based approach with robust documentation
  • Clients retain full ownership of all branding assets
  • Transparent, goal-oriented, and client-focused approach followed across the branding agency.


2. Lexicon Branding

Headquarters: California, USA

Top features:

  • Specializes in creating company, product, and brand names that play strategic communication roles.
  • Their brand name development process is supported by linguistics, cognitive science, and in-house research. 
  • Their clients include Fortune 500 corporations and innovative startups. 
  • Created brand names for well-known companies. Some of them include Impossible Foods, Sonos, P&G’s Swiffer and Febreze, and more.
  • Services include brand naming, brand architecture, consumer research, linguistic and cultural evaluations, and trademark screening.


3. Religiate

religate branding

Headquarters: Hyderabad, India

Top features:

  • They treat branding like a religion, rooted in truth, knowledge, and experience.
  • Offer holistic branding services. Thus, helping clients aggregate brand awareness, customer engagement, and experiential initiatives.
  • Focus on creating relevant and powerful brand stories. This ensures consistency and adaptability in changing business situations.
  • As a digital branding agency, services include brand naming, brand identity design, audible branding, and more.
  • Emphasis on creating emotional fanaticism and quality in branding, augmenting direct brand experiences.  


4. MetaDesign


Headquarters: Zurich, Switzerland 

Top features: 

  • Creative branding agency with a focus on transforming businesses using creativity.
  • Offer comprehensive brand solutions. These include brand strategy, positioning, naming, brand portfolio, employer branding, and messaging.
  • Excel at bold creative concepts for brand identity. Other services include interaction design, motion design, spatial design, and packaging design.
  • Create immersive brand experiences through web and app design, innovation, and product prototyping.
  • Specializes in brand activation, governance, leadership engagement, and change management.


5. Shikatani Lacroix Design

sld logo

Headquarters: Toronto, Canada

Top features:

  • Specialize in masterfully telling brand stories through image, space, experience, and messaging.
  • Create innovative visual identities. Made possible with consumer understanding and articulating brand essence through design.
  • Craft strong, clear messaging that positively resonates with consumers, stakeholders, and internal employees.
  • Create unique and impactful out-of-home marketing campaigns and visuals. Thus, leaving a lasting impression on the target audience.
  • Determine optimal brand architecture to effectively communicate relationships between brands, sub-brands, and products.


5 More Branding Agencies For Your Unique Needs

The companies mentioned above can work with businesses across niches. However, if you feel your unique needs need unique solutions, we have 5 niche branding and design agencies.

These agencies have expertise in specific industry verticals. Backed by their experience, you can get exceptional results in your niche branding endeavors. 

1. Coinbound

coinbound logo

Niche: Web3, Crypto, NFT, and Blockchain

Headquarters: New York, USA


  • Worked with prominent names in the crypto industry. Some of them include MetaMask, eToro, Nexo, Voyager, and Cosmos.
  • Their Web3 marketing expertise is featured in well-known publications. Such as CoinTelegraph, Decrypt, Blockworks, and Forbes.
  • The branding design agency also hosts a highly popular podcast focused on Web3 marketing.


2. The Food Group

the food group logo

Niche:  Food & Beverage

Headquarters: New York, USA


  • Help connect products to the channels that sell them and the people who enjoy them.
  • Their approach is grounded in data, market insights, and experience. 
  • Apt success measurement through clear KPIs and continuous optimization.


3. The O Group

the o group logo

Niche: Luxury brands

Headquarters: New York, USA


  • Creative branding agency with 35 years of branding expertise.
  • Offers services like brand positioning, identity design, creative development, digital marketing, and advertising.
  • Their approach stems from the art of branding and the science of strategy. This ensures a strong foundation for creative execution.


4. The Working Assembly

the working assembly logo

Niche: Startups

Headquarters: New York, USA


  • Worked with a diverse range of clients across various industries, including food and beverage, finance, wellness, technology, and more.
  • Expertise in brand development, visual design, and storytelling through case studies and client projects.
  • Committed to diversity and holds certifications as a minority-owned and women-owned business.


5.Teal Media

teal media logo

Niche: Nonprofits 

Headquarters: Washington, USA


  • Full-service creative branding agency that prioritizes purposeful design to transform organizations and drive progress.
  • Successfully collaborated with renowned brands and nonprofits.
  • Bring creativity and conscience to their work, empowering clients to make a positive impact.


Proper brand presentation can increase revenue by 33%

Yes, sources suggest a direct impact of branding on revenue. Your competitors and contemporaries have already understood that. 

It is time that you also accept and acknowledge the need for a branding agency. And don’t just stop at that. Get in touch with a suitable branding company.

Don’t stay stuck in business. Engage with the best branding identity agencies today. Get your brand out there and in the hearts of your target audience.

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