Why choose a Design agency over Freelance designers?


You have an important design requirement.

Should you hire a freelancer or a graphics design agency?

There are pros and cons to choosing either, which makes it a difficult question.

Most of our clients find that – after weighing the advantages and disadvantages – an agency is the better option.


In this guide, I have listed 10 reasons which make a graphic design agency a better choice than a freelancer.

1. They Are Well Structured

Structures are reliable.



A graphic design agency has an organizational hierarchy.

This structure makes it reliable when creating deliverables on time and maintaining quality. It also means that they have a process or a workflow. This means they can describe the ingredients of their recipes. Design outcomes aren’t flukes for agencies. They’re predictable outcomes of a predictable process. 

More importantly, their structure is tested with their other clients proving its robustness.

In the case of freelancers, there is no structure. There is only their process. The most challenging thing is you don’t know if their process or approach will work for you.


2. Consistency In Communication

While assigning tasks outside your organization, communication is key.

Communicating your requirements, feedback, and essential information is crucial, especially for design-related tasks.

While working with an agency, there will be a dedicated individual that you can talk to. This person, your account manager, will take care of all the internal communications. The best part is, they will be available for a quick call, almost anytime.

However, things could get tricky while working with freelancers. They might not be available all the time. They could be busy with other clients.

This lack of consistent communication makes freelancers a sub-optimal choice.


3. Legal And Official Guarantee

In other words, agencies take complete ownership. 

Working with agencies involves signing legal documents. The paperwork involved keeps both parties safe. It ensures the protection of data, accountability, quality assurances, and more. It acts as a safety net for you and a “code of conduct” for the agency.

With freelancers, all you have is the word of mouth. “Word of mouth” might not be enough when sensitive information changes hands. It can be dangerous when all of a sudden your emails are not being replied to.


4. Reputation Matters

Agencies are extremely concerned with their reputation. 

Because of that, they are more likely to be professionals and timely with the deliverables while maintaining quality. More importantly, if you have a complaint, they will bend over backward to make things right.

For freelancers, it could be a bit tricky. Although reputation matters to freelancers too, they are less likely to take it seriously. Why? Because if someone asks them about a bad review, they can blame it on the client.

Also, if a freelancer vanishes in the middle of the project, there is nothing you can do.


5. Focus On Quality

You want your designs to be the best, don’t you?

Graphic design agencies have built-in quality control within their workflows that ensure that. On top of it, they will welcome your feedback and incorporate those changes immediately. They might charge more, but you can bet the quality will be optimal.

Freelancers only self-review before sending it over to you. That’s all. They do not have a pre-defined, tested review process to maintain quality.

Moreover, if you have some feedback, they will charge you extra or might get irritated and leave you stranded.

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6. Work With Latest Technology And Trends

Agencies are competitive.

They will do whatever it takes to be on top of things and deliver fast. They know the industry standards, the best practices and use the latest tools. Their internal teams constantly monitor any new changes in the industry.

Freelancers might be updated, but they lack the bandwidth. They cannot keep an eye on the market constantly. They only use tools that they are okay with, not the ones that are best for you.


7. More Resources

Imagine you have brand new last-minute design requirements.

Will the freelancer take it up on a moment’s notice? Probably not. They might have other commitments.

An agency on the other hand has more resources. More researchers, designers, and interns. Even if you have an urgent requirement that requires it to be delivered within 24 hours, they can get it done.

Granted, they might charge a lot for it. But you will at least get it done.


8. Dedicated Work

A graphic designing agency will dedicate experts to your work.

Even if you have only one minor requirement. There will be an account manager, a designer, and a senior designer who will review everything. Together, they will create the best piece for you which will give you the desired result.

If you share some feedback afterward, they will work together, dedicatedly to incorporate it.

Freelancers can only dedicate a small portion of their day to you. After they have sent you the first version, they will be working on something else. If you share some feedback, expect delays, because they might be working on other projects.


9. All In One Solution

Imagine you hired a freelance graphic designer.

Now, you have realized that you need some videos edited and some GIFs created.

But, it is not their expertise and you have to look for yet another freelancer.

Unfortunate and stressful, isn’t it?

Agencies will take care of everything. How? They have multiple designers with an array of skills and specializations. All you have to do is send them an email and it will be taken care of. No more headhunting, interviewing, and reviewing.

It will save you a lot of time and energy.

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10. Long-Term Partnership

Your business is here to stay.

So should be your partnerships with the people you work with.

Maintaining a long-term professional relationship with agencies is easy. Because just like your business, they are here to stay too. Even if the people who are currently working on your requirements leave, the partnership continues.

However, with freelancers, things are quite temporary. Transactions and conversations are done while keeping short-term goals in mind. Also, what if they change their mind and retire or get a regular job?

So, those were the 10 reasons for which you should choose an agency over freelancers. We hope that it will help you make a wise decision for your business.

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