Top 10 Logo Design Companies

Top 10 Logo Design Companies

How many of these logos are AI-generated?


Unless you are living under a rock, you’d know the brands behind the above logos.

Now, your brand could have a similar logo. One that would make it easily recognizable (and even preferred). 

But only if you find and work with a professional logo design company.

(If you don’t think your logo is important, go ahead, get an AI tool to spit out variants, each as unremarkable as the other.)

Isn’t the logo just a small symbol? A mere part of overall branding?


Why you should absolutely obsess over finding the best logo company?

Consider this:

  • 75% of consumers recognize brands primarily by their logos.
    • Further, 50% of consumers prefer brands with logos they recognize.
    • And 59% of shoppers are more likely to buy from recognizable brands.
    • Moreover, 60% of consumers avoid brands with unappealing logos.

That’s why it isn’t surprising that 65% of small business owners are willing to pay $500 for a new logo.

But you can’t just hire any Joe or Jane to dish up a logo for your business. 

You need a professional logo design company.

Now, finding the best logo company isn’t as simple as a Google search.

Try that, if you may…

logo design companies

You’d only need a lifetime to sort through the clutter. And voila! You’ll have found the best logo design services from those many search results.

But don’t worry. We did the heavy lifting for you.

Here are the top logo design companies delivering distinctive identities. 

Best Logo Design Company Headquarters
SeekThem London, UK
Logo Design NYC  New York, USA
Hansen Belyea Washington, USA
Burst Digital London, UK
Varga Girl Design Toronto, Canada
VerveBranding by VerveLogic LLC Jaipur, India
LogoNow Pennsylvania, USA
OrangeYouGlad New York, USA
Fourth Dimension Logo Idaho, USA
Looka  Toronto, Canada
Trixmedia California, USA
LogoZones Illinois, USA


How can you trust these to be the top logo design companies?

  • The list is unbiased. We didn’t get paid to include (or not include!) any logo design companies
  • We are into the logo design business ourselves, so we are pretty good judges of what’s good and what isn’t. 
  • The list includes logo design companies with
    • A broad portfolio, 
    • Good customer reviews, and 
    • Awards and recognitions.

So let’s dive in and explore each of these logo design companies in detail.

Top 10 Logo Design Companies For Your Business


1. SeekThem


Key service benefits:

  • SeekThem offers extensive experience in logo designing services for various industries.
  • They go beyond just logo design. And also specialize in UI/UX design, branding, and other creative services. This places us among the best logo design companies for startups. That’s because we can help you build a comprehensive online presence.
  • SeekThem creates unique and standout solutions. These help your business differentiate itself in a crowded online market.
  • Our comprehensive and process-oriented approach to logo design ensures efficiency and impressive results.
  • We understand your company’s objectives and particular demands. And we deliver professional brand identity designs that captivate your target audience.


2. Logo Design NYC 

Key service benefits:

  • Logo Design NYC follows a proven design process. And they are backed by their team of best logo designers.
  • They have crafted some award-winning logo designs.
  • Their logo designers create completely original designs from scratch. They don’t rely on shortcuts, templates, or clip art. Thus, guaranteeing custom logo design services that help you out from the crowd.
  • They offer a range of design packages with various rounds of revisions. Thus, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your specific requirements.
  • Numerous satisfied clients have praised Logo Design NYC’s professionalism, creativity, and attentiveness. 


3. Hansen Belyea

Key service benefits:

  • Hansen Belyea understands the importance of strong and unique branding. And their logos reflect your business’s individuality.
  • Their brand-building process includes discovery, brand strategy, brand messaging, and visual brand design. 
  • Clients, such as PRIME Electric and Perteet, have praised their quality in design. 
  • They’ve been recognized as one of the top branding agencies in Seattle.


4. Burst Digital

Key service benefits:

  • Burst Digital specializes in logo designing services that stand out from the crowd. 
  • Their logo design process is a carefully crafted journey – From ideation to the final product. This ensures attention to detail and a tailored approach.
  • They have worked with several notable clients such as Vivienne Westwood. 
  • They have cross-industry experience and can cater to your sector-specific needs


5. Varga Girl Design

Key service benefits:

  • With 20 years of industry experience and a team of the best logo designers, Varga Girl Design offers impactful logo designs.
  • They have received international recognition and awards for their logo design work.
  • They have numerous satisfied clients, including entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals. 
  • They follow a code of ethics, emphasizing communication, creativity, and customer satisfaction. Thereby ensuring a collaborative and positive design experience.


6. VerveBranding by VerveLogic LLC

verve branding

Key service benefits:

  •  Verve Branding has a team of 20+ best logo designers. And they offer unique and creative logo designs tailored to your business.
  • They provide a variety of design services, catering to diverse logo design needs. These include custom logo design services, corporate logo design, and more.
  • They have a deep emphasis on professionalism and client satisfaction. That’s why they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a money-back guarantee.
  • Their 4-step design process ensures a thorough understanding of your logo design needs. 
  • They’ve completed 5000 successful projects and have been in business for 8+ years. 


7. LogoNow


Key service benefits:

  • LogoNow offers competitive pricing with different packages starting from $199. This ensures cost-effectiveness for logo design services.
  • Their logo design process and unique online portal allow for efficient communication. And tailored logo designs.
  • LogoNow provides all modern file formats. Ensuring compatibility and versatility for your logo across different platforms.
  • They offer 100% satisfaction and a money-back guarantee. This ensures that you are completely satisfied with the final logo design.
  • In over 8 years in business and they have satisfactorily designed 4,000 logos. 


8. OrangeYouGlad

Key service benefits:

  • Since 2002, OrangeYouGlad has helped brands look sharp. 
  • They bring a unique and vibrant perspective to their work. It is representative of the creative spirit of Brooklyn.
  • They’ve worked with brands such as Google, Booking Holdings, and MyFitnessPal. This demonstrates their ability to deliver high-quality designs.
  • They adapt their design approach to different brand identities and industries.


9. Fourth Dimension Logo


Key service benefits:

  • With 7+ years of experience, Fourth Dimension Logo offers professional logo design services.
  • They take the time to understand your business. And then create logo designs tailored to your brand’s unique identity.
  • Fourth Dimension Logo allows for multiple rounds of revisions. This ensures your logo design is refined and perfected to your liking.
  • You receive a variety of high-resolution formats and editable source files. That ensures versatility and ease of use for your logo.
  • They have a strong reputation for promptness, professionalism, and exceptional quality work. Thus, instilling trust and reliability.


10. Special mention – Looka: The AI-based DIY Logo Maker 


Key service benefits:

  • Looka utilizes AI to create custom logo designs, offering a convenient design process.
  • Despite using AI, Looka emphasizes creative control. You can tweak and customize designs to match your unique vision.
  • Looka’s Brand Kit enables you to build a cohesive brand identity. You can incorporate your logo, colors, and fonts into various marketing materials.
  • It provides a range of logo file formats to download your logo.
  • Plus, you get a responsive customer success team available via live chat and email.

With that you’ve reached the end of the list. You’ve got the motivation and you’ve got the options. It is time to spring into action and get your brand a distinctive identity with the best logo design company today!

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