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Logo & Brand identity design

Develop a fresh visual identity for your brand and establish a comprehensive style guide for consistent application in the future.

Design custom visuals that effectively communicate the inherent value of your USPs.

Logo, colors, typography, fonts, logo use cases, mockups, stationery – everything.

Fill this logo design questionnaire to initiate the discussion.

2-3 weeks

Website design & development

Create a captivating website of 6 pages to engage visitors, reduce bounce rates, and boost conversions.

Ensure readability and adhere to design best practices for all website content.

Team up with designers to craft custom visuals for your website and marketing materials.

Build an interactive, secure, and maintenance-free website using WordPress.

Optimize the website for speed, performance, and SEO.

Use flexible blog and CMS systems for effective content marketing.

Test the website on different devices, browsers, and screen sizes for compatibility.

Ensure a smooth website launch and provide ongoing support for optimal performance.

Fill this website design questionnaire to initiate the discussion.

3-8 weeks

Complete brand revamp

Brand identity design

Create a distinctive, high-impact brand identity design tailored to engage your target audience effectively.


Delve into customer insights to craft compelling copy that forms emotional bonds.

Website design & development

Construct a fast, SEO-optimized website that empowers your marketing team with easy management capabilities.

4-12 weeks

Unlike typical agencies, we don't:

Foster future trends

Merge creativity and technology

Brag about transformation

Disrupt industries

Explore intersections of art and design

Drive cultural shifts

Envision visionary experiences

Adapt to dynamic landscapes

Shift paradigms

Harness game-changing technology

Redefine possibilities

We don’t make big empty claims. We simply build exceptional brands that deliver conversions. Period.

After a website revamp, our clients typically achieve:

Revenue growth of 60-240%

Attracts top talent and expands teams

Aligns employees around a shared vision

Doubles website leads

Secures more funding

Outperforms competitors and grows market share

Gains media attention and buzz

Responding to your doubts with a fresh batch of counter-arguments.

While project timelines vary based on your scope and service requirements, rest assured, we’re committed to delivering efficiently. For instance, a compact 1-3 page site typically takes less than a month, whereas a 3-10 page site may span 1-2 months.

Let’s hop on a call to delve into specifics, shall we?

Effective messaging and modern design on your website can greatly boost your business. We’ve seen this firsthand with doubled conversions, improved activation rates, and better lead quality. If you’re unsure about your website’s performance, it’s worth investigating.

We offer a thorough website audit to find areas for improvement and decide if a redesign is needed. We’re picky about the projects we take on and only pursue those where we can truly make an impact.

Let’s chat to see if we can help your website.

Rest assured, we’ve got your back. We’re committed to fostering long-term partnerships and ensuring your satisfaction with the website. Count on us to provide ongoing support and guidance post-launch.

SeekThem, always at your service.

Absolutely! Let’s tailor the project specifics to align with your current business requirements through a personalized conversation.

Reach out, and let’s discuss the possibilities.

As branding specialists, we boast a rich portfolio of over 100 successful brand launches, each delivering remarkable results for our clients. We’re well-versed in the buyer’s journey and adhere to a proven process for website development. Extensive research precedes every copy and design decision, ensuring your website resonates authentically with your target audience—no templates, no generic pages.

Trust in our expertise and experience to craft a bespoke brand, high-performance website tailored to your needs.

In the poetry of Rumi, there exists a profound truth: “What you seek is seeking you.” This concept inspired the birth of the name SeekThem. It reflects the idea that desires, dreams, and aspirations are not one-sided pursuits but a mutual seeking. Brands, like individuals, are on a quest for their perfect expression and unique identity. SeekThem believes in the power of this union between brands and designs.

Unlike some design agencies, SeekThem’s name is not a boast but a testament to its mission: to put an end to the search for brands and the yearning for meaningful challenges.

Review your revamp strategy with someone who's honed their skills over 10 years in the field.

With countless lessons learned from nearly a hundred mistakes, we’ve refined our approach to ensure crystal clear messaging and superior conversions.

Why reinvent the wheel? Benefit from our extensive experience and streamline your brand revamp process.

Schedule a call with Nevilson, our founder, who has engaged with numerous business owners. Even if we’re not the perfect match, you’ll walk away with valuable insights to boost your business.

There’s everything to gain and nothing to lose.