Outstaffing Mobile App UX Development: Relevance, Reasoning, and Rewards

Outstaffing Mobile App UX Development Relevance, Reasoning, and Rewards

For mobile apps, a refined UX is all-important. 

It is the first thing that users notice. The better the UX, the greater the likelihood that the app would succeed in onboarding new users.

There are millions of apps in the world. Off-hand most of us can name only a couple of dozen. You would find that all of these have one thing in common. They are easy to navigate and laid out in a way that is quite intuitive.

What exactly do I mean, when I say UX?

It is a short form of User Experience, of course. At times it is conflated with UI or User Interface. 

Whereas UI consists of the elements of the app (placement of buttons, scrollbars, menus), UX is all about augmenting the user experience through the perfect deployment of technology.

Whereas UI is easily defined and represented through wireframe, UX is more abstract and hard to grasp.

The SeekThem team likes to treat UI as the skin of the app, and UX as the soul of it. 

Why Is Good UX Design Important?

If a site looks cluttered and the most used functions are hard to find, it will drive away users. No one has an hour (even five minutes, to be honest) to learn how to operate an app.

A user must be able to access the functionality of the app flawlessly without a steep learning curve.

A UX designer makes an app transition fluidly between tasks and improves the interaction.

Who to Hire for App UX Design?

You have three choices:

  • Hire your own staff
  • Employ a freelancer
  • Employ an outsourcing agency

The first option is expensive. Not only do you have to pay a monthly salary but all the benefits and perquisites.

The post-pandemic world is somewhat uncertain. Are you sure you want to hire permanent staff and add to your fixed costs? 

If you run a small or medium-sized business, the tweaks to new versions would not need a full-timer.

Unless you go for a major overhaul every few months, a full-time UX designer is overkill.

A freelancer might prove to be an ideal solution. That is if you are lucky enough to come across someone dependable when hunting through Toptal and Upwork.

Remember that once the contract ends, the freelancer is not under any obligation to help you with redesign a year hence.

He would have new clients on his roster and give them his primary attention.

Outstaffing eliminates these risks, and that’s precisely why I built SeekThem to provide UI UX Design services.

Not only do we have a huge number of qualified people working for us, but we also offer you the option to let us do as little or as much as you want.

This provides you with terrific flexibility and access to the best manpower without the burden of paying them a fixed wage, or the risk that they’ll disappear on short notice. 

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Key Benefits of Outsourcing UX Design 

  1. No Worry About Recruitment

As a business owner and entrepreneur, you specialize in, well, your business (and that’s not UX). A lot of your time is taken up by marketing and logistics. How would you know if the applicant is able to code using Kotlin or Firebase? You would go along with the tall tale they spin about their abilities.  

If you hand the project over to us, you receive a turn-key app that is perfectly optimized for the market. We recruit, train, and update our manpower and you never have to worry about their skill set.  

  1. Lower Cost To Market

A startup burns through funds like wildfire through dry California hills. You don’t need to pile onto the bonfire by hiring someone who charges an arm and leg. 

Since our experts work on multiple projects, we are able to keep the costs down. It is through the division of labor, pure and simple that we achieve this efficiency. 

  1. Guaranteed Satisfaction

The job will never be shoddy. Our team has diverse experience and has worked on numerous projects. Most have been app developers since their teenage years. They are in touch with the latest trends since they examine the evolution of apps on Android and iOS platforms constantly. It is their domain, and our UX experts know precisely what the user wants.

What is the USP of SeekThem?

At SeekThem, we offer you exceptional services at affordable rates. Our design team is made of professionals who have made a mark.

The digital world is forever in a state of flux. Our job is to take all uncertainty out of the equation so that you can focus on creating an outstanding product. 

We provide you with a designer who is perfectly qualified and able within 48 hours. You don’t need to wade through dozens of emails and review CVs to find a reliable professional.

Write an email to us at hello@seekthem.com or provide us with a few basic details through this form.

We shall contact you as soon as possible and set the ball rolling. 

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