When, Why, And How Should Early Stage Startups Hire Remote UX Designers?

When, Why, And How Should Early Stage Startups Hire Remote UX Designers

Your startup is finally off the ground.
The first round of funding is successful over.
You have your minimum viable product ready.
You might also have a couple of clients in kitty already.


The next step?


Expanding your team.
Further developing your product.
Failproofing your business. 

You cannot afford to go wrong at this stage of your startup’s journey. 

And advice like ‘hire a UX designer’ sounds more confusing than helpful. 

Who is a UX designer?
What does he do?
Do I need a UX designer for my early-stage startup?
Should I hire someone full-time, a freelancer, or outsource the job?
Can it be put off for later?

That’s too many questions.
And here I am going to break it down for you.
Everything you need to know about hiring a UX designer for your early-stage startup is right here.

What Does A UX Designer Do?

UX designers design products/services/processes in a way that enhances user experience. 

(UX = User Experience)

They carry out product research, build user personas, indulge in wireframing and prototyping, and then perform usability testing.

Here’s what it means for your business:

  • UX designers research what your target audience needs. 
  • They develop, design, or modify your offering to meet those needs.
  • They save your business from failing because of a lack of product demand.

Does Your Early Stage Startup Need A UX Designer?

It depends. 

On what?

Four main questions:

Do you have enough work for a UX designer? 

If you are still in the stage where you are making your business plan, now is not the time to onboard a UX designer. 

Do your customers love your current product design? 

If they do, your UX designer’s job would be mostly enhancing what’s already good. You can put off that hiring for later. 

But if your customers have a lot of feedback, they aren’t happy, or if you are not getting customers in the first place, hire a UX designer at the earliest. A UX designer will save your sinking entrepreneur-ship by fixing what’s wrong with your offering.

Will your customers’ needs outgrow your current design soon? 

What worked at the time of the launch of your product won’t take your startup towards the Fortune 500 club. 

Your user experience design will need updates. 

If it’s likely to happen a couple of years down the line, you can attend to other urgent matters before hiring a UX designer. 

If you can see it happening soon, hiring a UX designer should be high up on your to-do list.

Can a great customer experience design be a competitive advantage for your business? 

If you can stand out of the crowd with a great UX design, don’t wait till someone else realizes that and beats you at your own game. 

If user experience doesn’t matter in your industry or niche, you can skip the hiring.  

(Honestly, I cannot think of one sector in which businesses won’t benefit from a better UX design.)

Also, make sure you can afford to pay for a UX designer. 

Facing a cash crunch right now? 

Try to figure out ways to appropriate funds for a UX designer. 

That’s because hiring the right person for the job will ultimately lead your product to be loved by customers, thereby ending your financial shortages in the long run.

Also, know that there are cost-effective options available. [As you’ll see soon!] 

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Why Should You Consider A REMOTE UX Designer?

Because everyone else is. Remote hiring trends are on the rise. There must be some logic behind that, right?

Not a good enough reason?

Here are three actual reasons to consider hiring remote UX designers for your early-stage startup.

  1. Remote designers mean you don’t have to bear overheads. Nor do you have to make physical arrangements for them. It saves funds. And in the early stages of a startup, you know that many other things could benefit from those saved money bills.
  2. You get access to better talent. UX designers in your area might be good. But you can find great candidates in another city, maybe another country. So why not make use of the high-speed Internet and hire someone who’ll work for you from the other side of the world? You get a wide talent pool to choose from. Plus, you’ll be able to build a team with a global perspective and diverse experience.
  3. You’ll get the comparative cost advantage. Indian UX designers are as talented as those from anywhere else. But they cost way less. And if you decide to go remote, you can hire Indian UX designers and see your costs go down and profits rise. 

How To Hire The Best Remote UX Designer?

Once you have decided you need a UX designer for your early-stage startup, you’ll be faced with a choice. 

You can either hire freelancers or contact an offshore agency. 


  • Freelancers could ditch you mid-project.
  • Hiring an agency would take at least a fortnight.
  • Your freelance UX designer might not be the right fit for the job.
  • And your agency could bring in the concerns of a cultural misfit. 
  • Agencies will also cost you a lot more than your early-stage budget could allow. 
  • And did I tell you that while hiring freelancers, you’d have to spend way too many hours scouring through the applications, taking interviews, and doing background checks for people who live in a different part of the world?

Well, you can skip all that with SeekThem.

Failproof Your Business With SeekThem

Hiring a remote UX designer is easier said than done. I understand it because, at SeekThem, that’s what we do. 

And now that we have perfected the art of hiring the best design talent, you can taste the fruits of our labor. 

Hire a remote UX designer from SeekThem for a month, two, three, or for as long as you want. Pay only a fixed monthly fee and leave all the hiring hassles on us. 

We have screened and hired the best Indian UX designers, and all you need is to contact us and onboard the experts within 48 hours. 

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