The impact of New technologies (such as AI) on Logo design

The impact of New technologies (such as AI) on Logo design

News about artificial intelligence is everywhere since ChatGPT was made available to all in late 2022.

But can AI impact logo design?

The short answer is yes, there are AI-assisted tools for logo design which can churn out designs in a few minutes. 

Here’s the summary. 

AI vs professional branding agency

As the founder of a full-stack design and branding company, I’m biased, obviously. 

But I’m also an AI-early-adopter. I’ve dabbled in every AI design gen technology, and have been doing so for 3 years now (much before ChatGPT entered routine vocab). 

AI continues to bring in better logo design ability. However, it will not replace creative logo design services in the foreseeable future.

Effect of Artificial Intelligence on Logo Design

Logo design with artificial intelligence or AI is a relatively new concept. Many professional logo design services take the help of these applications to cut back on manpower. 

It involves using machine learning algorithms and other AI techniques to create logos. But humans still are very much a part of the design and execution loop.

What are the effects of AI on logo design?

1. Swift and affordable

Creativity takes time. Da Vinci took four years to paint Mona Lisa.

A logo is nothing like the famous painting at Louvre but can take hundreds of hours to conceptualize and draw.

Olympic LogoProbably the most well known logo in the world

A professional artist from a custom logo design services is expensive and paying them for a hundred hours can be unaffordable for small businesses without funds to spare.

AI tools take a few minutes to create a professional logo. Create a tailor-made logo in the blink of an eye instead of waiting for weeks.

2. Unique logo designs

The biggest aspect of logo design is brand recall. The most famous logos, such as Coca-Cola, are worth billions because they generate instant recall.

What you need for recall is a design that differs from every other logo on the market.

We humans are not the best at being original all the time. All the logos that a human logo creator has seen has an impact.

Subconsciously, elements of that design find their way to the new logo.

This detracts from the very purpose of having a logo as a unique visual signature.

AI-generated logos are different because they can compare the new design with thousands of existing logos.

3. Greater accessibility

AI logo makers have made logo design accessible to every business owner.

Before AI, logo design was expensive. Not too many owners employed professional logo artists.

With the latest tools, the cost of logo design has dropped substantially. The adoption of AI has led to greater democratization in brand building.

Machine learning-assisted logo generators can offer designs that set you apart from your rivals.

Best AI Assisted Logo Generators

1. Logo AI

Logo AI is quick and efficient.

The underlying algorithms create a professional-looking logo in minutes.

To use Logo AI you have to answer a short quiz that describes your brand and the logo maker does the rest.

Plans start from $29 and go all the way to $99.



2. Looka

Looka goes a step further and can help in brand design.

But it all starts with the logo. You have to provide your company name and select colors and shapes that you like.

With the given information Looka will provide several designs. You can edit each of them further using prompts.



3. Wix Logo Maker

Wix has bet big on AI for the past few years. They started with an AI-powered site builder that created an entire site from a few questions.

The same strategy shows up in Wix Logo Maker. Same as Looka, you have to provide a few details about the name of the business, type of industry, and color palette.

Wix Logo Maker will do the rest and ask you to customize the final result.



Besides the above AI assisted logo makers there are AI assisted image editors like Adobe Sensei. 

Wrapping Up – Will AI Replace Human Logo Designers?

This is the million-dollar question everyone is wondering about.

Let me summarize the situation and technology.

Artificial intelligence has been causing ripples in the world of graphic design and illustration. The question on everyone’s mind is, will AI replace human graphic illustrators?

Besides ChatGPT, another product from OpenAI was released in 2022. It is known as DALL-E 2, an advanced version of a generative model for image synthesis.

DALL-E 2 can generate vivid images of objects, scenes, and portraits from prompts. Such as asking DALL-E to generate an image of an astronaut on a horse is quite famous and featured on the homepage.

It is to be noted that DALL-E works off images on the web, but can create synthetic images as well (put together an astronaut and a horseback rider). 



Coming to logo design, while there’s no doubt that AI has the potential to improve the efficiency and quality of design, it’s unlikely that it will replace human designers completely.

AI-powered logo design tools are making it easier for users without design skills to create graphics.

These tools can generate designs automatically based on user inputs.

Since cost is minimal, this makes them a popular choice for businesses looking to create custom graphics for a logo quickly.

AI can automate many aspects of logo design, but it can’t replicate the creativity you will find at a logo design agency. 

AI-generated logo designs lack the emotions and originality that human designers bring to the table.

Therefore, AI assisted tools will change logo designing techniques, but not replace human designers in near future. 

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