SeekThem: This Is Where You Find UX Pros

SeekThem This Is Where You Find UX Pros

Welcome to the dark and dense jungle of hiring design talent.
Grab your binoculars. (You’ll have to search far and wide.)
And don’t forget your microscope. (There are more details to be evaluated than you’d like to believe.) 

Feeling confused?

Well, this feeling of confusion is likely to become usual for you if you set out on a hunt for design talent on your own. 

But don’t freak out. That’s because I am not here to keep telling you the struggles of hiring the right designers.

I am here to tell you how you can hire design talent without breaking a sweat. 

Yes, you can hire website designers, UI/UX designers, logo designers, and several other experts within 48 hours. 

Without having to go through hundreds of CVs and resumes.
Without sitting through rounds of interviews.
Without having to don your detective coats for background checks. 


With SeekThem.

What is SeekThem?

SeekThem is the top drawer of UX design talent. I mean it; my team did the numbers. Out of every 100 applications we receive, 6 make it to the SeekThem team. That’s the cream of UI UX design agency, ready and willing to work on your projects, in as short a notice as 48 hours.  

What SeekThem is NOT…

SeekThem is NOT a freelance hiring portal. Experts you hire from us won’t disappear overnight, leaving you wondering what to do next. 

SeekThem is NOT a hiring agency. We are designers. We understand the craft and won’t just send you long bills in return for unqualified and unvetted candidates. 

SeekThem is a unique model aimed at helping you find the right designers at the right time and the right rates. 

How To Use SeekThem To Hire The Best Design Talent?

Hiring experts with SeekThem is as easy as, well, emailing your need to or filling in this contact form.  

Well, you don’t even have to count till three because it is just a two-step process.  

Step 1: Contact Us With Your Requirements

Whether you need a website build or a logo designed, it is important to have designers with the right level of skills, right? (Sometimes, a beginner would suffice, and sometimes you need experts with years of experience.)

Also, you’d need your experts to be able to work with certain software and tools. (Like when you want to hire an infographic designer, you’d want them to be comfortable with using Adobe Illustrator.)

Just tell us what level of expertise you need and what tools and software you need the designer to be adept in.

We’ll be ready with our matching mechanism and will start scanning our talent pool to help you find the right designer. 

Step 2: Hire And Onboard Expert You Get From SeekThem

Within 48 hours, we will contact you with an expert who matches your needs and will be the best fit for your projects.

Can I promise the designer we provide will be perfect?

Yes, I can. After all, each expert we have hired has undergone three rigorous steps of the hiring process. 

  • We scan several portals (Facebook, LinkedIn, 99Designs, and more) to find the best talents. 
  • Then we carry out an in-depth talent review for each candidate. Their individual work, experience, and portfolio are minutely analyzed. Every designer hired by us has passed a Skill Assessment Test. 
  • We also conduct one-to-one interviews to assess their level of professionalism, communication skills, approach towards work, and thought process. 

Because we have done all this for you, all that remains to be done from your end is onboarding them for your project.

Did you know, on average, our clients start work on their projects within 48 hours?

Compare that to an average hiring time of 10-15 days for freelancers and between one to two months for full-time hiring. Yes, we are literally lightning fast. 

What if I don’t feel satisfied with the designer?

While that’s highly unlikely, but if it still happens, just let us know. And we’d make sure you get another designer for the job.

And if you love the designer you get from us, you can have them on board for as long as you want. 

A month?
A quarter?
Six months?

Till whenever you want. And they’d be working exclusively for you. 

Have more questions?
I’ve got some quick answers ready.

Will I have to make provisions for seating the designer you provide in my office?
No. Our expert designers all work from their own homes. Our model is entirely based on remote working. You don’t have to make any physical arrangements for the designers. 

Are you sure Indian designers would meet my needs?
I couldn’t be more sure.

  • Indian designers are the most flexible of the lot. They learn quickly and work hard, which gives them a lot of experience.
  • The designers in our talent pool have previously worked with agencies, startups, and even top companies. You won’t get a chance to doubt their skill, integrity, or expertise. 
  • Indian designers are also super affordable. Plus, our offshore, outsourced model gives you the liberty to quickly scale or downsize your projects. No strings attached. 

How much do you charge?
We don’t. Well, I mean there is no extra recruiting cost. You just pay the designer on a fixed monthly basis. 

Got more questions?
Fill in the form here for hiring queries. And shoot me an email at: for anything else that you have in mind. 

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