5 Reasons It’s Better To Hire A Dedicated Remote UX Designer

5 Reasons It's Better To Hire A Dedicated Remote UX Designer

You know when you open an app and it’s a cacophony of text and colors. *sigh*. That is a textbook example of a UI fail. 

The UI needs to convince the visitor to open the app a second time. The user experience should be worth the time. And this is precisely why UI/UX designers exist. 

Many app companies have UX designers on the payroll. But, this may lead to a lull in new ideas and an eventual loss in revenue. But, what is the other option? 

A Remote Dedicated Designer

What if we said you can hire a designer, without any of the bad parts of it? 

No long hiring process. No wasting time for knowledge transfer. No training period is required. Pinch yourself, it’s real. 

A remote dedicated designer is one that has been vetted by SeekThem before you hire them. SeekThem recruits designers after a grueling assessment process. 

My team evaluates applicants on the portfolio, subject knowledge, and creativity. 

6 out of 100 make it to the team. 

So you know you’re getting the best. But that’s not the only reason why hiring a dedicated UX designer (or designers ) from SeekThem is plain old horse sense. 

Here are some of the problems solved by going this route.

1. You Find A Designer In A Snap

Hiring talent is not exactly what one would call a cakewalk. It is a long and tiresome process with a very dim light at the end of the tunnel. 

Well, lucky for you, SeekThem eliminates the whole struggle. The talent assessment process is completed much before you need a designer on your team. So, tell us what your project demands, and how many UX designers you need, and it will be done. 

The hiring (well, it’s actually mere contract-signing and resource-allocation) process takes only 48 hours. So, in two short days, you get to have a qualified UI/UX designer on your team.

2. You Pay Less For Better  

A full-time UI/UX designer with 2 years of experience costs about $7,000/month. At SeekThem, you can find an equally talented designer at a fraction of that cost. 

How’s that possible? Well; it’s the merit of the model. Outsourcing, minus the opaqueness. That’s dedicated offshoring. 

The biggest advantage is that you won’t need to pay a designer for the months preceding the design stage. You only need to cross that bridge when you get to it. That is a great way to cut costs. 

SeekThem’s responsibility doesn’t end after assigning you the designer; that’s merely the beginning. We hold the designers accountable and ensure you’re getting what you asked for. If the individual isn’t the right fit for your task, you can request to change designers. 

3. You Hire For Only As Long As You Need 

Some companies enjoy having a single designer for all projects. This is useful when you want the UI to be similar across the board. It also helps increase familiarity, and therefore trust, with the designer. 

Others like to change designers for each project. This way, the creative mindset keeps changing. Hence, the UI is fresh and exciting. 

SeekThem lets you choose what you’re comfortable with. If you like a particular designer, you can have them on board for however long you’d like. If you want to switch designers, that is also completely up to you.  

Unlike a full-time hire, you won’t be stuck with an employee for the mere reason that you hired them. 

4. You Benefit From Dedicated Support

It’s not a random counting game when you get assigned a designer through SeekThem. Your project’s requirements are taken into consideration. Only after that will you be allocated an appropriate designer. 

You will get a project manager who will be your point of contact. We ensure that the designer you’re assigned is meeting the standard. If they aren’t, you can request a different designer. 

Don’t worry. You won’t have to pay any extra charges for the change in the designer. 

A freelancer can choose to end the contract at any time. This is not an option for SeekThem designers. 

Your SeekThem UX design team is, well, YOUR team.

5. You Don’t Have To Deal With Messy Transitions and Terminations

For creative jobs like UI/UX designing, many prefer to keep rotating the designer. The sole reason being, the ideas remain new. 

For a full-time employee, this is not an option. The cost to terminate a designer for each project is just not feasible. The time taken to rehire is a whole another story. 

With SeekThem, the termination process is a breeze. You won’t have to pay a termination settlement or other termination costs. Once the month is up, you can just move on. It’s like the easiest break-up ever.  

Choosing SeekThem is better in every way. And in the slightest chance that it doesn’t work, it’s only a one-month commitment. 

Think Beginnings, Not Endings…

Yeah, I know I told you it’s easy to wind down your project team, in the dedicated offshore model. 

I’ve seen, though, that SeekThem’s clients, because of the ease of the model, feel inclined to attempt project enhancements they’d otherwise postpone. 

Your SeekThem team is 100% your own team, only working from our quarters. 

Think of these developers as your no-hassle problem solvers. 

They don’t juggle responsibilities from half a dozen clients (as freelancers often do); they fortify their knowledge of your business processes and personnel, every day; they’re the sort of people you’ll be on first-name terms in no time. 

To know more, write to me at hello@seekthem.com or through this form.

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