Doffay Car Rental

Redesigned for growth

The brand

Customers today are more discerning now than ever before. And they judge businesses not just by their product/service but by their brand identity too.

Doffay Car Rental’s customers have always had high expectations. In all spheres: service, pricing, and convenience. And Doffay understood this well. That’s why they have strived to provide the best possible experience for all its customers.

However, their logo and visual image across channels felt like a faint representation of what the company was capable of delivering. They relied on word of mouth and returning customers. The scope of attracting potential customers via a visual appeal was largely untapped.

To counter that, SeekThem redesigned the Doffay Car Rental logo. And we also designed a new visual identity for them. The fresh, new Doffay logo embodies their spirit of sophisticated and dynamic services. The use of unique visual elements further helps them stand out from the crowd.

The scope of work involved

  • Logo design
  • User research
  • Brand identity creation
  • Iconography and illustrations
  • User experience

Key challenges

Doffay Car Rental logo redesign and brand identity creation presented the following obstacles for the SeekThem project team:

  • The car rental space is highly competitive. What should be done to make Doffay Car Rental stand out?
  • How to reflect Doffay’s commitment to the best customer experience in the logo?
  • How to use the logo and visual identity to make Doffay a recognizable and trustable brand?

Our approach

Our multifaceted redesign approach:

  • Study and analyze the logos and brand designs of the key competitors and industry leaders.
  • Find fresh elements that make the client’s logo stand out from the crowd.
  • Ensure consistency in visual identity across various mediums by creating an adaptable and universal design.

The impact

To measure the impact of our logo redesign services, we consider the following metrics:

  • Brand recognition
  • Customer loyalty
  • Brand perception

The logo redesign for Doffay Car Rental was aimed at helping the brand stand out in the crowded market while conveying its commitment to quality customer service.

The aim was to make the logo so impactful and memorable that even casual browsers feel tempted to explore more about Doffay. Another objective was to ensure that past customers are able to remember and recognize the Doffay logo and keep coming back to them.

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“Profound passion results in unmatched outcomes. At Doffay, we keep the customer experience at the top of our priority list. Our logo, sadly, didn’t reflect that. At all. But the SeekThem came around and we now have a logo that is simple enough to represent our values and artistic enough to help us stand out at the same time. The team was prompt, professional, and attentive to my needs throughout the entire process. They took the time to understand my brand, my values, and my vision for the logo. Overall, I highly recommend SeekThem to anyone looking for a logo redesign. They truly exceeded my expectations, and I am grateful for their expertise and dedication to their craft.”

Christian Doffay

Doffay Car Rental