Vetting Process

Our hand picked screening process makes sure we get the best talent. Being designers ourselves, we look for designers with great skills and experience along with versatile interests. We only allow people in our talent pool whose work we have already seen and experienced.


The Comparison

Who are we?

We used to hunt for great designers, but now there are a lot of people coming to us and want to get registered with us. But we being selected, we choose just 6%



 We Recruit the Top Talent

We analyse different portals like Facebook, LinkedIn, Behance, 99 Designs and create the talent pool of the best designers.



 In-Depth Skill Review

We review their individual work, skills, experience, and portfolio and judge the expertise. All the selected talent passes from a skill assessment test.



 One-to-one Interview

We make sure the one whom we choose are great characters. Communication, their approach towards problems, thinking out of the box and professionalism are the one of the top criterias' we check.