Our thoughts, quotes & beliefs

These are thoughts that we had so far and we will have throughout the journey. Keep coming here from time to time.

1. Everything beyond a limit is harmful. Even Creativity. People cannot digest it.

2. When you start saying NO to things you do not believe in, you become happy.

3. Relationships matter. Money will follow.

4. Consistency is a practice to make your business successful.

5. The best learning in business you get from your clients.

6. The core thought was to help, do some good work and explore the creative side. Never knew it would take a hell lot of things to do them.

7. Gone are the days when they used to shout USPs. Now everyone is the same. What stays is what you do and how you do.

8. So you rely on Data. I doubt when Ogilvy became Ogilvy they had Google analytics.

9. Perfection? It is what you are here for? Why in this world do you exist?

10. They are huge, powerful and smart. So what?

11. Everything is an inspiration from something.

12. What never happened will must happen some time.