Frequently Asked



The Hiring

Is there any recruiting cost involved?


What happens if I'm not satisfied with my designer?

We will match you with another designer if you are not satisfied with your existing one.

How does your screening process ensure quality candidates that meet our requirements?

Out of 100 applications received, we choose just 6%.

We follow a thorough process to review candidates and their work. Screening took place which checks the skills, experience and portfolio. At the end, one to one video calls take place where we check communication, professionalism and out of the box thinking.

When working with a designer from SeekThem be assured on the quality.



Where are your designers?

Our designers work from home and the majority of the designers are from India. Why India? Because India is one of the countries from which you can get the best set of designers with cost effectiveness.

Can SeekThem designers work from our office?

No! This platform is created to make the work life enjoyable. Whoever is working with us shall live in freedom. Thus, we do not provide talent for in-house projects.



How much do you charge?

While rates may vary, general pricing falls into the following ranges:

Beginner Skilled Professional Expert
Price per month
< 1 Year
< 2 Years
< 4 Years
4+ Years

To ensure designers are placed on high-quality projects, our projects also include a hard commitment of $800 minimum per month.

Note: We do not put any placement fees, termination charges, or long-term contracts on our clients.

How often do I get billed and what payments can I use?

We invoice clients monthly. We currently accept all major credit cards.